Radio RF Design Engineer


1. To broach finish to finish radio communications solutions, cost-effective and low-risk designs agreeable with business requirements, through-life design, able of leading doing and support by a company.

2. To be obliged for essay and reviewing ATP documentation, witnessing radio communications apparatus contrast and systems integration.

3. Hands-on believe in planning, contrast and doing of radio networks.

4. To have a good bargain of a activities compared with incremental formation and exam of vast systems regulating best practices.

5. Experience and believe of Radio Networks (Microwave, Secure Mobile Radio), earthy interfaces (RJ-35, SMA), Encryption inclination and exam equipment.

6. Responsible for a Acceptance and technical send of systems formation systems including radio / wireless voice, information networks, telephony, x-ray and TDM.

7. To work closely with other business functions as partial of plan smoothness (Customer, New Business, Project Delivery and Managed Services). 

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