Mall Manager

Purpose of a Position:

Oversee and handling day to day mall operations, safeguard well-spoken day to day operations, Coordinate with several departments in a mall, Improve routine and policies to grasp organizational goals and Monitor confluence to inner rules, regulations and procedures


-Ensure tenants follow a inner municipality regulations;

-Maintain communication with supervision entities when needed;

-Maintenance of a earthy item execution of appetite and upkeep audits;

-Maintain annals of sales, let or use activity, special permits issued, upkeep and handling cost;

-Ensure that focus consumptions and costs are effectively and well managed;

Customer Service:

-Take stairs to urge patron services inside a mall;

-Maintain Mall inner outmost clients patron use satisfaction;

-Achieve patron use objectives by contributing patron use information and recommendations to government vital skeleton and reviews; scheming and completing movement plans; implementing charge production, identifying patron use trends; last complement improvements; implementing change;

-Determine patron use mandate by progressing hit with customers; visiting operational environments; conducting surveys; combining concentration groups; benchmarking best practices; examining information and applications;

-Maximize patron use operational opening and create, classify and refurbish SOP Manual relations to a Customer Service team; Lost Found, Gift Voucher selling, Gift Voucher tenants reimbursement, Resident and Tourist Loyalty Programmed focus and bonus distribution, First Aid Emergency, Souvenir Items, Consumer Promotion and other day to day CS activities;


-Develop clever relations with tenants for business continuity;

-Developing pivotal inner (leasing, investment) and outmost (local council, municipality, corporation, suppliers) business relationships. Motivating and change these contacts to optimize mall performance;

-Ensured reside government complied with Company law and procedures;

-Total Tenancy Audit Review of Committed Terms, existent positioning, Tenant type;

Security and Housekeeping

-Ensure all Health Safety and Environmental orthodox obligations are in place for attention best practice;

-Safety thorough of Crisis and Disaster Management;

-Managed and upgraded facilities, by restoration / extension;

-Develop Manage a Soft Hard Facilities Team/ Cleaning, Security, Maintenance;

-Prepare skeleton and schedules for unchanging and periodic upkeep in and with applicable dialect heads and follow adult on peculiarity and execution.

Job Specification:

Candidate contingency reason a university grade with a smallest of 8 years of believe in sell mall management. Candidates with Native Arabic inclination is rarely elite for this role.

You contingency have managed a vast sell item with a brew of tenants (FB, conform and Leisure entertainment)


-Strong negotiations and sales skills.

-Leadership and preference creation qualities are essential.

-Strong business astuteness and good technical believe of Commercial Facilities.

-Good bargain of mall management.

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