Kitchen Chef / Sue Chef / Chef in Qatar.

Key Responsibilities:-

Plan, classify and investigate new aspects for a code products that could minister to meeting/exceeding set sales targets and share with group members accordingly.

Trains all group members on fritter techniques and hygiene standards.

Ensure a consent of a products according to a company’s and a HACCP standards and hoop a relevants reports accordingly.

Prepare high peculiarity menu equipment and safeguard consent to set recipes of a code in sequence to say picture and patron saƟsfacƟon.

Supervise food producƟon, say peculiarity and hygiene standards, displays consultant knive skills and find to conƟnously urge a picture of a operaƟon.

Assume full shortcoming for a cosƟng of all food equipment constructed and manage a correct storage and recepƟon of food items.

Take all required measures to revoke rubbish and say control acƟons to aƩain forecasted food and labor costs.

Control and guard a monthly register by creation certain a measures set are followed and a discrepancies are adjusted.

Prepare weekly work schedules for all kitchen crew in suitability with staĸng discipline and forecasted labor costs.

Minimum Requirement:-

Technical Degree in Food and Beverage or Hospitality Management.

3-4 years of knowledge in FB operation, out of that 1 is in a identical role.

Proficiency in MS Once.

Fluency in English.

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