Job Performer HSE

Position Name: Job Performer (HSE)

Minimum Requirement :

1. At slightest Bachelor’s Engineering grade in Mechanical/Electrical/Instrumentation.

2. Attended a march of PTW/Certificate.

3. Role :

o Ensures that he is wakeful of Company’s HSE manners and regulations, work procedures, pursuit locations, apparatus to be worked on, collection and apparatus to be used and defining a expected start and finish time/date and no. of days. .

o Ensure that no other activity/tool is performed/used solely as privately described on a PTW/Certificate.

o Implements a Work Site Precautions to be taken by a Job Performer as indentified by a Area Authority on a PTW/Certificate.

o Remains during a worksite during a generation of a work and obtains Area Authority/Issuing Authority Signature if Job Performer deputy is required.

o Adheres to and maintains a worksite precautions identified by a Area Authority on a PTW/Certificate via a generation of a job.

o Immediately suspends work in a eventuality of a Emergency Siren or General Alarm being activated.

o Returns a assent to a Permit Office on cessation of work, during finish of a operative day, or on execution of a work.

o On execution or cessation of a pursuit he contingency safeguard that a work site is left in a clean-clear and protected condition.

4. Age : 28-50 years

5. Very good believe of created and oral English

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