European Nationalist Only

Enclosed next is a minute outline as per a National carriers standards for claimant selection:-

Age: 21- 35

Height: Minimum 157cm

weight in suit

High Secondary School Certificate or Approved Cabin Crew License.

A warm, appreciative celebrity (preferably) smooth in English (written and oral )

Physically fit to accommodate regulatory mandate

Ability to float unaided

Applicants contingency contention a followings:

o Copy of resume

o Passport Copy

o 6 Passport print in blue credentials

o Full length tone sketch ( grave or intelligent casuals for men/ grave or intelligent casuals for women but control scarf)

o Copy of birth certificate

o duplicate of aloft delegate certificate in English

o Copy of other educational certificates


Assist a commander in a upkeep of correct customary of veteran expertise, organisation discipline, control and personal coming of all moody organisation personnel

Inform and teach passengers on puncture and reserve procedures to safeguard newcomer reserve during all phases of a flight

Follow a procedures summarized in a reserve manuals during any puncture to safeguard reserve of all personnel

Perform all duties reserved by a Senior Officer – Cabin Crew associated to cabin reserve and daily operations to safeguard confluence to regulations summarized in a operations manual

Provide protected and fit in-flight use to passengers on board

Responsible for ensuring reserve on house by ensuring all passengers are wearing chair belts, all window covers are open, all doors sealed and all seats are upright

Responsible for providing initial assist support to passengers on house during puncture situations

Conduct required checks before moody to safeguard cleanliness of cabin and newcomer toilets, all catering systematic is installed in acceptable condition, no complicated objects are placed in a beyond bins and all shun exists are unrestricted and clearly manifest to passengers

Brief passengers in Arabic and English before to moody including all claim information summarized in a operations primer to correspondence to regulations

Attend to special courtesy passengers as destined by Senior Officer – Cabin Crew and safeguard all passengers approve with a restrictions on smoking and use of chair belts and other reserve precautions during flight

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