(a) Responsible for pre-opening formulation and environment adult of all discipline of a grill with a superintendence of a Executive Chef/Culinary Director.

(b) Development of all menus and food presentation, along with Executive Chef.

(c) To hoop whole kitchen operation stewarding dialect allocated to a specific restaurant

(d) To liaise with a Executive Chef of all daily administration of a operation and safeguard that a Chef de Cuisine has been briefed accordingly and that a day’s activities are good planned.

(e) To safeguard that all communication per club, supervision policies, procedures and legislation set by authorities such as a Municipality and a supervision is common and clearly accepted by any member within a team.

(f) To safeguard that Food Safety and Kitchen Hygiene standards are followed during all times within a discipline set by a Municipality by creation daily inspections of a kitchen and stating any faults or concerns to a Executive Chef accordingly

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