Assistant Director, Medical Records Department

Educational Requirements:

1. Bachelors Degree preferred

2. Certification in any of a Health Information Management programs.

Professional Experience/ Knowledge/ Specialized Skills:

1. Minimum 5 years knowledge in strident caring sanatorium or multi-specialty sanatorium in a Medical Records Department and or Health Information Management. Knowledge/experience of principles, methods, procedures and stream trends in health information systems and government of health record department.

2. Knowledge/experience of stream trends of health annals information government and linkage of clinical information to electronic health systems, reimbursement, information abstracting and retrieval techniques.

3. Knowledge of qualitative and quantitative investigate of health records, techniques of word estimate and transcription; sequence systems, clinical and authorised terminology, health record systems pattern and form control.

4. Knowledge of medical vernacular and coding, Knowledge of accreditation, acceptance and chartering standards, peculiarity declaration standards and techniques.

5. Membership of a applicable veteran organisation (preferred).

6. Develop information arrangement techniques and investigate methodologies.

7. Ability to investigate and appreciate ubiquitous reports, sanatorium policies, technical procedures or numeric information.

8. Ability to compile/write reports, correspondences, and swell reports in propinquity to information submission, entrance and results.

Duties Responsibilities:

1. Maintaining and securing all created and electronic health annals and information.

2. Ensures that information contained in a health record is complete, accurate and usually accessible to certified entities.

3. Coordinate a timely and accurate acquiescence of all regulatory information and information.

4. Develop, in coordination with executive oversight, a peculiarity alleviation module focusing on safety, confidence and regulatory within a Medical Records Department.

5. Implement, with a coordination of IT/HIT, and say a master studious index within a medical annals department

6. Assess a need for a growth of new clinical templates (documentation {electronic or paper}) and safeguard suitable mention for approval.

7. Develop and say a record tracer system.

8. Liaise with a regulatory agencies (DHA, MOH and other) underneath a instruction of a Director and Chief Medical Officer and/or Chief Executive Officer for a effective doing and government of any stream and designed e-health activities such as inhabitant studious health record, studious portal, etc.

9. Review all charts, due for acquiescence to regulatory agencies, for execution and correctness before to submission.

10. Develop and refurbish staff course and credentials programs, staff pursuit descriptions and staff evaluations.

Ensure a recover of information is in correspondence with inhabitant regulations and laws and sanatorium policies.

11. Lead a Clinical Documentation Improvement plan as grown implemented and authorized by a CMO and Director.

12. Develop a medicine course and support training program.

13. Develop a staff course and training module (health records, confidentiality and documentation).

14. Review all requests for recover of information, outmost bodies, for correspondence and completeness and liaise with authorised warn for suitable approval.

15. Monitor correspondence to inhabitant standards and regulations and policies and procedures as grown and implemented.

16. Review all MRD sectional reports (data / indicators) for completeness, correctness and alleviation compulsory before to submission.

17. Validate, as per a sanatorium policy, information submitted and analyzed.

18. Coordinate, with a allocated Chairperson, a Management of Information Committee (MOI) as summarized in a Medical Staff Bylaws.

19. Maintains confidentiality of all data, information, health annals and departmental information during all times.

20. Responsible for staff scheduling, allocation and leave formulation and completes dialect research during slightest once per year.

21. Maintains agreement agreements (terms of understanding) of any contracts reserved to MRD such as off-site storage, outsource archiving, filing and destruction.

22. Recognizes, interprets and evaluates inconsistencies, discrepancies and inaccuracies in health records, processes and systems and trigger alleviation action.

23. Uses anxiety materials reasonably and well to promote a accuracy, clarity and completeness of reports.

24. Acts as relationship and apparatus for medical and other staff.

25. Manages, as per sanatorium policies, all complaints and incidents.

26. Assists with investigate and fortitude of formidable annals government problems.

27. Oversees and performs a preparation, entering, indexing and retrieval of annals and information from mechanism databases, off-site storage and nominee tasks reasonably to reserved coordinators.

28. Development, doing and monitoring of all dialect and worker opening and other indicators and peculiarity measures.

29. Ensures that apparatus allocation is reasonably maintained, allocated, and effectively utilized.

30. Participates and represents MRD in allocated hospital-wide committees.

31. Maintains and updates all cumulative health information as per a policy.

32. Monitors and advance, in coordination with sanatorium HIT vital formulation any electronic tracer, filing, tracking and annals systems and processes.

33. Implements and oversees a cleansing standards, procedures and processes.

34. Implements and oversees a health record drop standards, procedures and processes.

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