Assistant Accountant

2.1.1 Charging a business on their due dates

2.1.2 Reminding all a business who wish to compensate directly on their due date

2.1.3 Follow adult a remuneration from business whose credit label is not certified and suggest for restraint a comment to Accounts Manager.

2.1.4 Send matter to customers. ( on their requisition)

2.1.5 Give reason to business for a sum volume charged (Traffic fine/fuel/excess days used )

2.1.6 Call a business before charging to equivocate double or additional payments

2.1.7 Manage to give sum to business who come to compensate during locations

Non Live Customers

2.1.8 Charging to business credit card

2.1.9 Take required actions to transparent business outstanding

2.1.10 Transferring business sum to Debt Collector with transparent matter who didn’t intend to pay

2.1.11 Follow adult with Debt Collector for updates on collection

2.1.12 Cleaning adult of business account


2.1.13 Addition of new business and newly activated aged business to patron master on a unchanging basis

2.1.14 Handle and follow adult Credit label Disputes

2.1.15 Sending summary to bank to recover a pre-Authorized volume entirely or partly

2.1.16 Checking a RA continue a income has come through

2.1.17 Get acknowledgment from a bank for Pre-Auth recover whenever a patron final it

2.1.18 Coordinating with a bank for technical problems with a release

2.1.19 Handle credit label charging disputes send by a bank

2.1.20 Handle refunds to customers

2.1.21 Charge trade Fine of non comment business and plcae MRA customers

2.1.22 Credit note for sealed contracts of credit label customers


2.1.23 Monthly standing news of receivables to a Senior Accountant and Accounts Manager.:

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