Accountant – Receivables


2.1.1 Ensure that all a bills are collected when it is due and a receivables from a business underneath his organisation are kept during minimum.

2.1.2 Co-ordinate with a endangered sales executives for a collection of income from live customers.

2.1.3 Support a sales executives with a matter of comment of business and ancillary papers if any needed.

2.1.4 Arrange to collect a remuneration once it is ready.

2.1.5 Co-ordinate with a billing in assign for ensuring a timely acquiescence of invoices to a business handled.

2.1.6 Follow adult with a approach business (i.e. Those who does not have a sales executive reserved to them) for a payment.

2.1.7 Maintaining all a patron accounts underneath his control adult to date and correct.

2.1.8 Follow adult a remuneration from non-live business underneath his control

2.1.9 Preparation of MCR for a income perceived with a scold and finish sum about a bills paid.

2.1.10 Visit a patron bureau spasmodic and consider their financial soundness

2.1.11 Alerting a Manager Receivable and a endangered sales executive in box of any default of remuneration by a customer

2.1.12 Recommend a interlude of use given to any patron who is delinquent frequently to a credit controller

2.1.13 Handing over of bad business for authorised action

2.1.14 Review a credit extent given to a business on a unchanging basement and suggest for creation required changes wherever fitting to a credit controller.

2.1.15 Co-ordinate with GL Accountant or Accounts Manager for flitting any JV’s inspiring other comment and patron account


2.2.1 Monthly standing news of receivables to a Senior Accountant (Receivable) and Accounts Manager.:

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